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Titles that I carry with pride:

I love being a teacher. I also love solving problems. After having my daughter in 2019, I knew that I was destined to work at something that was going to create the life for us that I wanted. 

I was on the Occasional List in my city for 5 years before getting a permanent position. When I finally did, it was 2 hours from my home. I travelled back and forth JUST so that I could be a teacher. 


I always had the idea that I wanted to be an educational consultant for families. The types of families that are not getting answers from their child's school or are fighting for support for their child and just not getting it. 


I started to think: what if parents could have access to certified teachers outside of the public system? They can decide who they hire. They can decide the frequency of their child's lessons. They can almost entirely be in the driver's seat. The best part is that by only allowing OCT teachers on the platform, they would have peace of mind. The lessons would be driven by current Ontario pedagogy AND would be conducted by a safe member of society.  

I am proud to offer this all-encompassing, safe digital platform for parents and certified educators to provide Ontario children with the quality private education that they deserve.


Jaimee Minelli

Stage: Pre-Seed 

Goal: $500,000

Raised to date: $55,000 in Angel Money

Offering SAFE Notes and the potential of shares.



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