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A cloud-based marketplace platform

Specializing in matching learners at home with certified educators 

Caregivers: search, connect and pay 

Students: engage, learn and improve

Education Professionals: gain expertise, experience and income

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Online Support for Learners

If you are growing tired of the changes in public education surrounding class sizes, COVID-19 or support for your child's personal learning needs; this is the app for you. 

This was made so that parents could have access to certified education professionals outside of the public school system. No wait lists. 

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Safe Key Features

We're proud to offer an all-encompassing, easy-to-use option for parents and teachers alike.


Receive one-to-one instruction digitally
Lesson related feedback on their progress
Gain academic confidence

Parents and Caregivers

Search for a certified teacher based on subject

Connect and schedule lesson frequency

Choose payment option 

Certified Education Professionals

Create a profile 
Include your subject qualifications and preferences 
Share your availability 
Schedule enriched lessons with video conferencing, screen sharing and chat features


Questions? Want to join the team?

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NUVO ED is a Private Education Marketplace Platform. ONTARIO, CANADA.
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