At NUVO, we value Occasional Teachers.

We think you are the unsung heroes!

We believe this because you worked so hard to become certified, knowing you would be faced with years on the OT list. 

Some of you have to wait on the list for several years before being hired permanently. 

Your expertise, knowledge and passion for teaching is what makes you invaluable. 

The experience you gain here will add value to your practice, interviews and future endeavours in education.

It will also get you some income. Talk about the perfect side hustle!


Why do I need to put in my banking information? 

NUVO is Stripe integrated. Stripe is one of the largest and most secure payment companies in the world. The payment goes directly from the caregiver to the Stripe account of the Educator. You can choose when you're paid out!

Do I set my own prices?

No. Each lesson per hour costs $50.00 CAD. We take a small portion of that to maintain the platform. The teacher will get $45.00 CAD per lesson per hour.